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Isn’t it wonderful to have a weekend of nothing planned? Sometimes tired is a good thing, at least for me, as it means I don’t have time (or inclination) to plan and fill my days. Instead I bounce from one thing to another. A chore to something easy and fun. Doing laundry to taking a nap, pulling weeds to making peanut butter. And maybe taking another nap.

I think having a mooch about weekend has put me in the right frame of mind for, at least, the start of the week. We are due another heat wave. And it is time to head into the vines. Such is timing.

Harvest is early this year. It’s always a toss up whether a later harvest is nicer to work than an early one. Later and you get more changeable weather, cooler yes, but more rain (and mud). Earlier and of course this can mean heat and sun. There is next to no shade in the vines. At least the nights will be fairly cool (open shutters!).

I truly treasured this past wonderful weekend. It made it all the more precious knowing hard work was coming along. Even though there was no agenda, it was surprising how much I got done. And also took the time to relax. So I am not going into this week wound up or stressed.

I am harvesting grapes, known as the vendange, for 3 weeks at least, 6 days a week, 8 hours a day with half an hours lunch break sat amongst the vines. Pacing myself is going to be very important. Good thing I had lots of slow pace practice over the weekend.


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