What About Wine

What is it about wine that fascinates us? Yes, it is a lovely quaff (most of the time). Yes, there can be great complexities involved (but sometimes the less said and the more savoured the better). And, yes, the more you discover, the more layers you uncover.

Our Spotlight Shines on…

Making it Ourselves

Pumpjack is a winemaker, with the piece of paper to prove it.

Our journey since moving to France, has been one of trials, pit falls and bloody hard work. We’ve undertaken trying to buy a vineyard to restoring a vineyard, working for other wineries and ultimately making our own wine. You can follow the good, bad and ugly of our own journey of Our Own Wine posts.

Winemaking in General

Ever what goes into making this wonderful drink? For most of us we think about squishing grapes with our feet. And then voilà, we quaff.

Well… actually there is a bit more in between. Months more in fact. So to help with understanding, we have a series of articles for you that detail what goes into making wine, each month.

Wine 101 – Help for Non Connoisseurs (Snobs to you and me)

As a winemaker hanger on, I (Piddlewick) have been learning more than I could, or should, ever want to know about what goes on behind the scenes. Yet… some of it is actually kind of interesting.

I add my two cents worth of background to my Wine 101 posts – info for the non connoisseur, eg someone like me that just likes to drink the stuff. It’s, simply put, some helpful hints that might actually be worth knowing and help when considering buying or tasting.


What to Give Wine Lovers

You could of course give a wine lover wine, but if you are like me and not always confident about buying a bottle for someone who really knows their stuff, then we can offer another option.

For those that love this whole subject, we search high and low to provide the answer to that age old question… what to buy for that difficult person. Eh-hem, we call them wine lover gifts. And you’ll find them in our shop (funny enough in our Wine Lovers Gift section). Here’s a taste:

Grab a glass (mais oui!) and pick an area, or three, to browse and read what interests you. Sante.