To wear a watch or not that is the question at PumpjackPiddlewick

I don’t wear a watch. And I was thinking in the wee hours of this morning it may be how I became a morning person.

It occurred to me that by not checking the time, I go to bed when I am tired, rather than when I think I should go to bed. In the past, when I did wear a watch, bed time was at a more or less set time each night. Which was also quite late, compared to these days.

Routine Orientated

Growing up, our house, like most, had routine times. Up for school at this time. Bus came at that time. Lunch was eaten at this time. Got to go home at that time. Play outside until dinner time.

Bed time was set and increased by 30 minute increments each birthday until I reached my parents bed time. And through out, it was read under the bed covers by flash light time. So there was a hard time waking up in the morning consequently from staying up too late.

When Time Stopped

I am not certain when I stopped wearing a watch. I think it was not long after living with my last partner. He owned a watch, but treated it like jewellery, e.g. he wore it only when the mood struck, not because he wished to tell the time. An interesting concept.

And then there is the luck of being self employed. My time is my own. And that was the game changer. Add in gardening, various DIY projects and duck nibbles, a watch did get in the way sometimes. And slowly, over time, it was worn less and less.

In these days of mobile phones as well, we seem to refer to their screens more often than our wrists when we wish to know the time. My phone as camera is generally with me, (the better to capture duck moments), and I like that it is not a specific reminder of time passing. Rather it is a reference point in the progress of the day.

Time Dictating Time

Initially, not wearing a watch felt very, very strange. It had been so much a part of me. I had not realised how much. And with that came the recognition of how much time was dictating my day, rather than me determining my day.

With giving up on wearing time, there was a sense of being freer. And it’s a heady freedom. Days are now dictated by the daylight, dawn and dusk, and darkness. And ducks (of course), as well as my cats. Both the cats and ducks are very routine orientated. They all seem to need to be up at dawn (or just before). The ducks like to go to bed at dusk (or just when you can’t almost see). I think it is synchronised with optimum worm hunting times.

Food and Sleep

In between is food and things to do. Food is dictated by hunger. I no longer eat at a set time. Sometimes I eat very late in the day, depending on what I am immersed in, but also depending on when I feel hungry. Dinner time is also based on hunger, or sometimes dusk which acts as a good reminder. However, it does depend on the season as sometimes I find myself in summer eating at 11pm, which for a morning person is very difficult.

And bed time now comes when I get tired. Daylight does play a part in this. I do go to bed earlier in winter, less so in summer. But there is no alarm to wake me up. So I sleep what I need. Or not. Some times there is that 2, 3, 4am wakefulness. And if so, I just read (love my kindle!), play sudoko, trawl duck pictures on instagram, or simply get up and get on with the day rather than rail at being awake. Most likely I will sleep longer the next night.

Watching the Wee Hours

And the wee hours of the morning are such a lovely quiet time. A time when much of the immediate world (including my menagerie) sleeps. A chance to think, contemplate, write, work… and by dawn there is still the rest of the day ~ and all that time ~ stretching ahead…

If you wear a watch, I present to you a dare. Give up wearing it for one week. You are not giving up telling time by your bedside alarm clock, or your phone screen, the time stamp on your computer or the clock on the office wall. Just your watch. See if it makes a difference to you. I would be interested to know the results.

More Musings

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  1. I took my watch off the day I left my job in the corporate world and have never worn one since!

    1. Did you find it hard to get used to? What do you use (if anything) tell the time now, e.g. if you need to be somewhere at a certain time?

  2. Oh, I love this! Also gave up wearing a watch a while back except for occasional social and fitness tracking. If only I didn’t work I’d stop looking at clocks entirely most days. The problem is that the phone is the new slave driver. How I hate it. But it is so great for picture taking and Insta gazing!

    1. I love that my phone use up lots of battery power and so requires plugging in. And I have an excuse to go in the garden without it 😉

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