Walking the dogs opens up a whole new world of sights at PumpjackPiddlewick.

With Pumpjack away visiting his family, my daily routine had to change. The biggest change came with walking the dogs.

Chewie, our standard sized dachshund, wants walking at least three times a day. More if he can sway with his pity me puppy dog look.

And we added Sanka in to our menagerie this past summer. She is still very puppyish in style, with boundless energy making the beginnings of our walks always a tad demanding.

It’s normally Pumpjacks’ task to undertake the walkies, whilst I take care of ducks and cats. I usually try to join him on at least one, but time doesn’t generally allow for more.

Now it’s part of my day. Living with a plethora of pets, there are trade-offs and taking turns involved. It’s simply part of the deal.

I really enjoy walking the dogs. It gets me up out of my chair, outside and enjoying a lovely ramble. Sometimes long, sometimes short. It’s a chance to see our village and its surrounding countryside in all sorts of lights and directions.

My favourite is our dawn walk. We head out, Sanka bounding about in unconstrained excitement and Chewie in stately swagger. The duck enclosure is the first port of call as we let out the exuberant flock. Greetings are made, water and food topped up and a quick check that nothing is amiss.

The dogs and I head down through our long garden and out the back door. Part of the reason we chose our home in France was that it backed onto a wooded valley. Complete with path along side. It’s perfection when you have dogs.

We are able to leave the security of our garden into the quiet pleasure of the woods. There is no traffic to contend with. Or generally even people. A chance for the dogs to run around like crazy and expend some of their energy.

Sometimes the odd cat joins us, which always makes for a much slower walk. So the dogs generally prefer it if it is just us three. Chewie is always on a mission to determine who has been walking our path. He walks the trail, sniffing diligently, reminding me of a canine Sherlock. Sanka is just a ball of energy, bounding about, back and forward. Not certain what to sniff, play with or bowl over first.

Our morning walk makes a loop up a side path and on to the main road through the village. By this time energy has been diluted and it is simply a walk of smell discovery. We amble along, both dogs sniffing here and there.

Our day usually includes three walks. Our mid-day one goes the opposite direction, often wandering through a section of our village before ending up in a field for a good run around or dig. The late afternoon walk is a repeat of the morning, though sometimes we walk further along the path and back, instead of looping around. Chewie is always the one who makes the choice. Sanka simply bounds along, pure happiness to simply be out with us.

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