Waking up early happy moments at PumpjackPiddlewick

You may know that I start my days waking up early. Awake around 5am, I tiptoe quietly into the kitchen for a mug. If a cat deigns to wake and leave her bed by the warm heater she knows she will be fed. More often than not they prefer to wait until later.

Then, with laptop in hand, I climb back into my warm bed and press the button on my coffee maker that literally sits on my bedside table. The smell of coffee soon wafts into and warms the air.

I simply love waking up early. It’s still dark out, though not for long as the days get quickly longer. You notice when you get up before the sun how quickly it begins to catch up with you.

It’s my quiet time as I sip my coffee and enjoy a browse through the nights activities that occurred online. There’s something really neat about knowing that whilst I sleep people are shopping in My Shop. It makes the world seem rather a small, and truly connected place.

I now have to sit slightly back, and use my laptop one handed, as Noisette (our littlest and cuddliest cat) has climbed up to sleep in the armpit of my left arm. Her favourite place, with head resting on my shoulder. If I ever need a smile, I just have to look at her curled up there.

Lapsong is sound asleep, having wedged herself between myself and the end of the bed. She is not a morning cat and prefers not to rouse herself until the day brightens, a lot. And my territorial Gigi has deigned to join the mix. She will only sleep on me, legs, lap or chest. If the space is taken she refuses to come up on the bed. And I can’t be curled up. That just won’t do. Today she has chosen my legs to curl up on, once I am ensconced under the covers. I’m thinking I need a bigger bed, but it is so wonderfully cosy on a very cold morning.

Monday and Friday mornings are writing mornings. Waking up early lets me indulge in a little day dreaming, a little thinking and a chance to write about whatever comes to mind or review and re-write an old post. Today I am writing about nothing, and yet something so very dear to me. A chance to recognise a happy moment.

Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are and particularly whatever time you are in. May you have your own moments of happiness today.

PS. Reading instead of Writing?

If I am not writing, I am reading in the wee hours. If you are a reader too, early mornings are a perfect time for indulging some reading before the day has to start. Ditto, the time before sleep.

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  1. Sounds heavenly! I am also an early riser but haven’t hit my sweet spot of late. Will think of you with kitties and coffee next time for inspiration!

    1. I find it difficult in October and November as they days shorten. But once I am into December it feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel and getting up in the dark becomes much easier then. Personally though I can’t wait until the dawn precedes me 🙂 I just love that. Here’s to hoping you find your own moment.

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