Vive Le Livre Book Club

Read a Book this weekend with PumpjackPiddlewick Vive le Livre Book Club

Vive Le Livre Book Club

Our Vive le Livre (Long Live the Book) Book Club is a celebration of books as we simply love to read and would like to share.

France, French, Country life… and animals

We’re giving it a particular focus ~ on France, the French and a country lifestyle (okay, and maybe a few animals just for fun), at least to start. We’ll be recommending books, old and new, classique and nouveau, all enjoyed by Pumpjack & Piddlewick.

Read a Book this weekend with PumpjackPiddlewick Vive le Livre Book ClubRead a book this weekend

We will be reviewing books we have read, past and present, each Friday, as part of our Take Time to… Read a Book this Weekend. Whether it’s raining or sunny, hot or cold, nothing beats curling up with a good book. See all our reviews.

We will not be reviewing or offering books we didn’t enjoy and so can’t recommend to you. That’s just a waste of our time. However, as an online Club, we invite you to comment, agree, disagree, and recommend books you think we would like. We’re always open to new reads.

Our Book Club Disclosure

For our Vive le Livre Book Club we are affiliated with Amazon so that if you would like to read a book that we recommend (whether on kindle or the real deal), we are able to provide a direct link for you to order it. If you do follow our link, and buy the book within 24 hours, we will get a small (and we do mean small, but every bit counts towards new roof tiles) percentage. Using our links will not cost you anything – other than the cost of the actual book, if you buy it of course – but it will assist us, and our animals. And for that, you get a heart felt Merci! (Woof! Meow! Quack!)