Tucking in the vines with Pumpjack Piddlewick

In the vines, in the vines, where the sun (generally always, though not this week, hooray!) shines.

The scenery couldn’t be more gorgeous, well, unless it were Norway, but that is besides the point. As I work, tucking in loose vine arms, I have the wonderful opportunity to look about me at a quilted hillside. Like a crazy quilt the rolling hills are made of up of patches, with stripes of vines going this way and that. In between are dotted old stone houses and little villages. Various birds trill as we work, in the general silence.

Camaraderie is building amongst our team of eight. There is not much talking whilst walking the vines. The odd ‘ca va’ (alright?) as we pass each other here and there. But occasionally you find yourself in sync with another and have a moment of conversation.

Surprisingly the time passes very quickly. Or maybe I should say, just quickly enough. I relish the break for lunch, as I am truly hungry and ready for my mind to come outside itself and delve into a book. After an hour, we all get back in the vans and off to a different set of vines to tuck in.

How to Tuck In your Vines

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