Valentines Day is not just for her

When we think of Valentines Day, we generally think of roses, chocolates, getting engaged and, well… generally its about her. As a woman, I think the man gets a rather poor deal out of this.

Valentines Day Traditions

I am a bit of a traditionalist at heart. I like when a gentleman buys me flowers and does the asking, whether date, marriage or dishes (the answer to my fellow is a heartfelt – Yes!). But I also like to fly in the eye of tradition and surprise my man now and then, and especially on Valentines Day.

As it takes two to tango, to my mind, it should not just be me that receives something special on this special day. Now flowers would only embarrass him (too girlie). Chocolate, although nice, is something he likes any day. Dinner and a nice wine will definitely be on the menu, chez nous (at home), and it will be something we both enjoy.

Thinking of Him

I personally, at least, always make a specially crafted, from the heart, card for my love. As someone who enjoys creating cards, it would be rude not to include my man in the giving.

I also like to look for something a little unique for him, something he won’t be expecting, something that will simply make him smile. I have no idea what that something will be, but I am always on the look out.

If I like what I see…

My main port of call will be Etsy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I sell on Etsy, but I also shop there. In fact I now do almost all my shopping there. Why? Because I like the ethos. I like buying from small businesses. But most importantly, I know I will find something unique and special every time. Just like my man.

After all, if I am finding and selling unique items, it stands to reason so are others. So if I don’t find something for Pumpjack whilst I am buying for our shop, well then, I will surf other Etsy shops. (Though actually, I often do find things intended for our shop, but he just had to have it. There was that weird ruler thing he claimed. And then that workshop planing tool was absolutely necessary for him. That vintage leather jacket… You see, it doesn’t all make it to our shop.)

Crafting it

The Thinking Closet offers some great ideas of what you can make for him, especially last minute. They searched out 30 different projects. A few of these ideas my man would roll his eyes at (though I would love), but it gave me some considerations. I just love the DIY cufflinks as a gentleman can never have enough cufflinks. They are definitely on my consider list.

DIYs offer another selection, this time 45 ideas. These are grouped into sections for husbands, boyfriend, make it yourself or buy. I think I am going to try the jar of nuts as my man loves nuts as a snack and I think it’s an easy and fun idea. The one that tickles me is the personalised maps of significant locations in your relationship. That’s a cute idea.

Crafty, I’m Not

If you prefer to buy, then I am going to blatantly suggest the following (from our own shop), whether for valentines or just to give him something special on another special day.

(Just click on the picture if you like something and would like to know more or to purchase.)

Have a Happy Valentines Day

Whatever way you prefer to celebrate Valentines Day, with a partner, family, children or even alone, we wish you the best for your day.


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