Tucking in the vines with Pumpjack Piddlewick

In the vines, in the vines, where the sun certainly shines. We are now in full swing of tucking in the vines. I love the picture these words create. It always makes me think of tucking the vines in to bed for the night.  And, in a way, it is a bit like that.

As summer lengthens, so do the vines. Many seem to just keep growing. So it becomes quite important to tuck them in. Sometimes, often times, twice or more we walk the rows again to check and tuck as summer progresses.

Tucking in the vines involves working a row, usually by yourself. Travelling up it, always up it feels, making certain vines are tucked up into the raised wires. Sometimes it’s just one errant one. Sometimes it’s a collection of them.

Vines are raised so that they don’t trail on the ground and bring disease or mildew up on to the plant. Raising them also allows sun to reach in easier to help ripen grapes. So tucked in between raised wires, vines are trapped pointing upwards.

Camaraderie is building amongst our small team of eight. There is not much talking whilst walking the vines. The odd ‘ca va’ (alright?) as we pass each other here and there. But occasionally you find yourself in sync with another and have a moment of conversation.

Surprisingly the time passes very quickly. Or maybe I should say, just quickly enough. I relish the break for lunch, as I am truly hungry and ready for my mind to come outside itself and delve into a book. After an hour, we all get back in the vans and off to a different set of vines to tuck in.

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