In these days of mobile phones and internet is there such a thing as too much communication? Under consideration at PumpjackPiddlewick

Is there such a thing as too much communication?

In today’s world of internet, mobile phones, social media, WhatsApp/Face Time, and apps that connect this to that, should we accept being available 24/7? More importantly, is it unacceptable, even wrong these days to be incommunicado? Or, possibly even more important, could you go without your electronics for say, an hour, let alone a day?

It’s actually quite a hard thing to do for many. Dare I suggest, most? To leave their phone in the house if they go outside. Or what about going to the shop without it?

There is always that ‘what if’ argument. What if the car breaks down. What if there is an emergency. We have become so indoctrinated with this fear, this need, that it feels very dangerous to go without.

Now I come from a generation prior to mobile phones. Even internet. When too much communication meant telemarketing calls at dinner time on the single plugged in phone in the house. (In our family we used to unplug the phone whilst eating.) And, goodness, yeah, I am looking old by saying this! To offset…

These days I love and have embraced both mobile phones and the internet. I love the mobility of a cel phone or laptop. I especially love to write my vignettes on it in the garden on a sunny day.

However, as a fan and practiser of slow living I purposefully leave my mobile phone inside when I go outside to garden. Hark I hear you say, ‘you prefer not to take your phone into the garden! So why will I take my laptop?’ Because I do not have any internet connection in my garden.

Truth be told, I don’t have any connection for my phone in the garden either, or anywhere outside the house for that matter. It is not connected to the ether once away from our wifi. Purposefully.

So if I take my phone into the garden, it is just a phone. Or actually it gets its most use as a camera. Ducks are too much fun not to photograph or video. And the laptop is a wonderful memory filled typewriter.

It’s not for everyone, going without being connected. I choose to do it as it creates a sense of peace, work life balance if you will against the encroachment of the outside world. As systems develop and the world becomes more connected it is simply too easy for someone to text, email, send a picture, heck even phone on any day – or night – at any time.

And as we all know, it’s addictive. Have you ever thought how much time it takes out of your day? No surprises, there is an app for measuring that. One that tells you how much time we spend on, well, whatever. If you are truly addicted, then it is guaranteed that it owns your day, and beyond.

Slow living, amongst other such ilk as cottage core, dark academia, etc. is a bit of a push back. An attempt to garner some control of ones own life amongst the modern mediums. To establish boundaries, shields even against too much communication. A chance to enjoy quiet, peace, gardening, meditation, relaxation, reading, hobbies… without the pressure or , lnecessity of being connected all the time, let alone interrupted.

So here’s a dare. Go for a walk, without your phone. And, see how you feel.

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My journey in understanding there was such a thing as too much communication, began ‘here‘, when my laptop broke. And whether I wanted to or not, I discovered what it meant to be disconnected. It was an eye opener.

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