We have three very different cats at PumpjackPiddlewick. Not just in looks or colours but in personality too.

I talk about my ducks on this website a lot as you may have realised. Purely because they are so unusual as pets. Even after many years of having them I am entranced by unique aspects of them. So you may not know I also have 3 cats. Three very different cats.

In the beginning

Their entrance into my life started with Gingembre, otherwise known as Gigi, an unusually female ginger cat. I say unusually because ginger cats are 90% male. So a female orange tabby is something special. And Gigi is very special.

She is mother to my two other cats, from different litters: Lapsong Souchong, usually called Lappy, and then Noisette, sometimes known as Nutty. They are a grey tiger and tortoiseshell respectively. The story of how they each came into our lives is a whole other tale, or collection of tales for another day. (Though Noisette’s is probably the most dramatic as it involved a game of spies.)


As I write this I am surrounded by my three cats. And I am struck by how, even though they are related, they are so very different in personality. Much more so, to my mind, than one would find in say humans, or even dogs.

First their main difference is in how they look. Again, interesting since they are all related and yet look so very different. Gigi is orange, with white stripes and a mid-sized cat. Lapsong is grey with darker grey stripes and is a large (dare we say fat?) cat. Lastly, is Noisette who is tortoiseshell with a yin and yang face, who is very petite.

Beyond the look of them, their personalities reflect that they are three very different cats. And I mean, really different. In psychological terms we are talking worlds apart.

Gingembre (Gigi)

Gigi is the territorial one. A hisser from kitten-hood who has never liked being held, though she loves to sit on me and be petted. She is not shy and is not afraid of visitors. Super vocal, demanding, exceptionally playful, she could play hide and seek with me for hours if she had her way.

She would definitely prefer that I had not kept her two kittens, as she really doesn’t like to share, but prefers to be the centre of attention. She is equally happy inside or out, but if outside she prefers high up. And letting me know she is up there.

Lapsong Suchong

Lapsong is the shy one. Super shy. She would love more attention but is only figuring out, after a number of years, how to get it. She used to rely on food for comfort, now she is learning that she has a voice and can ask for food, cuddles, whatever.

It’s a work in progress. She has only recently started to purr and love a good snuggle. Lappy prefers indoors to outdoors, generally only venturing out to follow me. She doesn’t like her younger sister.


Noisette lives in her own world. Always has. She is the adventurous one, exploring the furthest. She prefers the outdoors to inside.

On the flip side, Nutty is my snuggle bug. The most affectionate, she loves, loves, loves a cuddle. She either wants to be held, sleep or hunt. Regular presents of rats, mice, and sadly the very occasional birds are typical most days.


As for any similarities? There is really only one – they are all female. A possible second similarity is I think the father was the same for Lappy and Noisette, though they came from different litters. And vaguely I can add that all grew up in the countryside with lots of space to roam.

But other than that, they really are three very surprisingly different cats.

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