Winter (Page 3)

Winter is a six week adventure in wet and cold here. It never really snows. Maybe once a year, and it sticks around for a few hours. Enough time for the ducks to have a play in it and leave lots of webbed foot prints. It’s a nice short season in our world.

faire le pont - taking a French holiday at Pumpjack Piddlewick

Well what a lovely long weekend surprise. I hadn’t realised that the 1st of November would be a holiday here and that Pumpjack would have that and the Friday off. In France they love their ‘bridge days’. They say ‘faire le pont’ (to make the bridge). A bridge day isRead More →

Ducks first snow at Pumpjack Piddlewick

A north wind has been blowing through here and yesterday it brought a light snow fall. It didn’t stick around beyond mid day. The ducks were not quite sure what to make of it. They have only seen snow once before. They don’t like change, so there was much discussion.Read More →

New Beginnings New Website launch at PumpjackPiddlewick

It feels like it is all coming together this year. Our wine business, our Etsy shop, growing our new website, purchase of our own restoration home, learning French, learning Duck. Yup, it all seems to be taking off for us. And me, although a tad overwhelmed, I say ~ ‘BringRead More →

The last month has been fraught with emotion as our little Maggie (pet duck) has grown up and started laying eggs. It is probably no coincidence it began with the arrival of Meeney, Minhy and Mo, two drakes and a female respectively. Maggie was definitely not certain what to makeRead More →