Wine 101 (Page 3)

Wine 101 is about offering and garnering knowledge for those of us non-wine snobs. It’s about debunking wine myths. And explaining what means what and why things are done a certain way in the wine world.

Is wine slurping really a good thing to do? Wine 101 at PumpjackPiddlewick

Is wine slurping really necessary? And by wine slurping I mean that sound that some people make when they seem to suck up their wine. Honestly, it’s kind of eww. The sound that is. But it does bear the question, why would you ‘waste’ the taste of the wine byRead More →

Enjoy the Saint Vincent Tournante in Bourgogne France with PumpjackPiddlewick

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday, though the concept behind ‘giving thanks’ can actually be found in many countries. For example, here in Burgundy, France there is the Saint Vincent Tournante. A very French take on thanks giving. This is a festival that is normally held during the last weekendRead More →

Indulging in Cremant de Bourgogne with PumpjackPiddlewick

Over indulged in Cremant de Bourgogne last night. If there is such a thing. But my oh my it was tasty, refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable. No reason, no celebration, simply a quiet night in with my loved ones. Well, that is reason enough, isn’t it? You may well ask whatRead More →