Taking time to (Page 16)

Taking time to enjoy life’s little pleasures. In my world nothing beats writing letters to people. I love the excuse to sit down, outside if it is particularly nice, and write a nice long letter to a friend or family. And then there is the receiving. Oh, and taking naps. Breakfast in bed is a must. Burying my nose in a ducks feathers or cats fur. The list is endless.

December 21st and the shortest day can’t come quick enough for us, particularly the animals. We normally let them out to roam around dawn, depending on fog. The last few days we have woken up to dense fog. It seems to be settling in like a tired old lady inRead More →

Our first harvest was a limited success at PumpjackPiddlewick

A year in, and our first harvest is in! It has been made into wine and is now in barrel. I for one am really proud. Particularly of Pumpjack for all the hard work he did, through out the last year, to make the vineyard produce something we could actuallyRead More →