There are so many good reasons to try foraging. Free food, taste, fresh air, learn something new and more! Let's find out more here at PumpjackPiddlewick

Foraging for food is one of my all time favourite things. I mean, who doesn’t like fresh food for free? But it is certainly not just that. Foraging is fantastic on so many levels. 1. Going Seasonal Here at Pumpjack & Piddlewick I am all about seasonal foods. It isContinue Reading

I adore climbing beans. My favourite vegetable. And as they need something to climb, I am going to build a trellis tunnel that will also shade my garden in summer.

Building a trellis tunnel was always on my medieval garden plans. Whilst sitting in my walled garden, envisioning Cafe du Canard, and looking at the raised beds it seemed to make sense to plan something in this area. South Facing Garden It is the sunniest area of a very sunnyContinue Reading

I am forcing my French to improve by immersing myself with no other option but to learn faster here at PumpjackPiddlewick

That’s right, I am forcing my French. This is not for the feint hearted. Don’t try this at home. At least if you aren’t visiting or don’t live in France. I am in need of, as well as desirous of, improving my French. Fast. And I have taken a certainContinue Reading

What if you decided to ignore online analytics? Would it make a difference? And if so, how? Let's delve at PumpjackPiddlewick

Taking a year away from writing regularly for my website and posting on social mediums was like opening a window into another world. It gave me the freedom to decide to give up on online analytics. That is give up on watching numbers. How many friends, likes, shares, comments, whateverContinue Reading

Is French life actually better we ask at PumpjackPiddlewick. We can give you 10 reasons why its pretty darn good.

I recently asked myself if French life is better. Before I purchased my Mini Medieval Manor (snicker) here in France, I took the time to think, did I miss my life in the UK? The answer, is sometimes. Or rather, some things. I miss pubs, curry’s and being able toContinue Reading