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Spring is lovely and long here, near Beaune in France. It starts in February with the daffodils blooming followed by the asparagus shoots appearing in March. Then the strawberries come into fruit. And then there are the eggs… Spring is when our flock gets broody and we are up to our eyes in eggs.

Come spring our devious ducks gang up on us to make hidden nests all around the garden. A true game of hide and seek at PumpjackPiddlewick

They’ve done it again. Spring is very definitely in the air amongst our feathered flock, and our devious ducks are ganging up on us. When it comes to the difference between chickens, ducks and laying eggs, they are worlds apart. Except for the egg result. Chickens lay an egg essentiallyRead More →

We've discovered that chickens can purr! at PumpjackPiddlewick

Did you know chickens can purr? Neither did I, until one day one of our chickens did just that. The chickens helped me in the garden, again. It is becoming a regular thing, which I for one am really glad of. Their antics make me laugh every time, so now,Read More →

We look at what inspires when it comes to letter writing at PumpjackPiddlewick

One of my favourite past times of all time is to write and receive letters. There is something particularly joyous in this modern age, in treasuring the opposite of the instant. The anticipation of a letter is truly something special. Read More →

Giving up my garden virginity willingly at PumpjackPiddlewick

In the scheme of life I recently lost my garden virginity. There, I admit it. I have come to gardening late in life, but happily I can now boast that I have found a great and new passion. My Retiring Past In the past, I would have declared easily thatRead More →