Slow living

Slow living is about taking the time to appreciate life. It is taking the time to do things. It’s about not rushing to finish, but staying focused on the holistic whole and chipping away day by day, or hour by hour. It’s about not overwhelming ourselves with day to day life. Rather slow living is about enjoying life and making the most of it.

Ducks need grit to aid in digesting at PumpjackPiddlewick

Did you know ducks need dirt, or grit, to digest? No, I didn’t know either, until Maggie came into our lives. Maggie’s water bowl used to be cleaned diligently and she, at every opportunity, would try to put dirt, sand, grit, gravel you name it back into the clean water.Read More →

Quiet time in the PumpjackPiddlewick household

It’s that quiet time just before dawn that is a true favourite. When the sky lightens infinitesimally, before suddenly it is morning. With autumn on its way and of course the days getting shorter, my quiet time is getting later and later. What seems to have been a consistent earlyRead More →

These are a few of my Favourite Things at PumpjackPiddlewick

To me favourite things are not necessarily tangible things. Moments, taken, chosen, and simply enjoyed are much more preferred. An absolute favourite thing to do is sit in our duck enclosure. Whether I am reading, writing (like now), or simply watching. The peace and serenity is a beauteous thing. TheRead More →

Nap interrupted by a duck at Pumpjack Piddlewick

I had a lovely nap in the early heat of yesterday afternoon. It was so delicious I decided to enjoy a second one. Pure decadence. I was rousted from sleep by the not so subtle sounds of Maggie, my pet duck. As the windows were open, my sleepy brain didn’tRead More →