Simply life

Sometimes it’s just simply life. Those times you can’t control, that make you laugh or cry. Those times when life teaches you a lesson, if you are willing to listen.

As we approach the New Year we reflect back on this past year. 2022 was an emotional year at PumpjackPiddlewick especially amongst our duck world.

In reflecting back on the past year, it was certainly a roller coaster. It has been a tough year for many, including here at PumpjackPiddlewick. In particular it has been a year of grief for us. This time last year we lost Maggie, our very first duck who began ourRead More →

Why are med hard to buy for? In fact are they? Let's delve at PumpjackPiddlewick

I grew up in a small family, two men, two women. My father, mother, brother and I. When it came to finding presents for them, my mother was always easy. Not my Dad or my brother. And it always had me pondering why are men hard to buy for? That’sRead More →

French restoration home and heating at Pumpjack Piddlewick

In true house restoration fashion we are living without heating in our new home. We are looking at various options as winter approaches. Luckily the 1st November was a national holiday and Pumpjack took Monday off. (Bridge Day) He has been tackling the question. We have an oil central heatingRead More →

faire le pont - taking a French holiday at Pumpjack Piddlewick

Well what a lovely long weekend surprise. I keep forgetting that the 1st of November is a national French holiday here. And in France they love their ‘bridge days’. They say ‘faire le pont’ (to make the bridge). A bridge day is a day taken as holiday after a holiday.Read More →