Simply life

Sometimes it’s just simply life. Those times you can’t control, that make you laugh or cry. Those times when life teaches you a lesson, if you are willing to listen.

Achoo! Hay Fever season is upon Pumpjack & Piddlewick

Hay fever season is upon me. Achoo! Or if I was sneezing in French ~ Atchoum! (Though I have also seen it spelled Achoum.) I just discovered, as you do, that someone who is deaf doesn’t ‘Achoo’ when they sneeze. Interesting. (Popular Science) And that’s all I feel I canRead More →

The phrase 'only in France' is particularly used to denote an unusual cultural aspect of the country. Let's delve in at PumpjackPiddlewick

There’s a saying amongst expats here ‘Only in France…’. It’s used to mean when you see something that to you is unsual, but to the French is normal. Sometimes it is applied to language too, under the same reasoning, but it’s not used quite as much. Cultural differences are alwaysRead More →

We have three very different cats at PumpjackPiddlewick. Not just in looks or colours but in personality too.

I talk about our ducks on this website a lot as you may have realised. Purely because they are so newly fascinating to me. Even after many years of having them. So you may not know we have three very different cats. Their entrance into our life started with Gingembre,Read More →

avoiding spam calls is easy at PumpjackPiddlewick - don't answer the phone

Oh my goodness. Yesterday was the penultimate day of spam calls. What gives?! I had 10, count ‘em 10, calls! Certainly a record, at least for me. I have noticed it’s cyclical. Of if you prefer, like buses there are none and then they all come at once. So thereRead More →