Simply life

Sometimes it’s just simply life. Those times you can’t control, that make you laugh or cry. Those times when life teaches you a lesson, if you are willing to listen.

Life is full of stories and coincidences. And sometimes the two merge...

I have a little story to tell. A story of boats, canals and coincidences. How sometimes life circles around on itself. Almost exactly 5 years ago, I enjoyed a visit from my parents here to France. I was looking after a Chateau at the time. But it was also aRead More →

How to pursue a dream at PumpjackPiddlewick

Dreams are wondrous things. Yes, even those that we have during sleep, should we remember, for often they inspire. But more, I’m thinking on the opportunity to pursue a dream. A dream to do ~ something. As the famous Martin Luther King inspired, ‘I have a dream’. We should allRead More →

Attempting Hügelkultur at Pumpjack & Piddlewick

When the going gets tough, the tough go gardening. And this should definitely include Hügelkultur. But let me digress a little. Raised beds are always on my veg garden agenda. Part save the knees and back, part stop the animals ‘playing’ amongst the veg (more the latter really, but weRead More →

Is being an expat in France a good or bad thing we ask at PumpjacPiddlewick

Are foreigners living in France generally accepted by the French? I was asked this recently by one of our Fab Findings From France Facebook group members. It is something I am asked frequently. And it is quite an important question if you are considering moving or staying long term inRead More →