Simple life

We enjoy a simple life. Savouring the moment. We appreciate what is around us. And we laugh a lot with joy. Simple is to us about pairing down, not just things, but tasks. Taking things on one at a time, and enjoying what life gives us.

Barn swallows in our house at Pumpjack Piddlewick

They’re baaccck! We know spring has arrived when the barn swallows return. And we can always tell when they return, because, quite honestly, they are noisy little buggers. When we moved into our new old restoration home it didn’t take long to notice the barn swallows. (As well as theRead More →

avoiding spam calls is easy at PumpjackPiddlewick - don't answer the phone

Oh my goodness. Yesterday was the penultimate day of spam calls. What gives?! I had 10, count ‘em 10, calls! Certainly a record, at least for me. I have noticed it’s cyclical. Of if you prefer, like buses there are none and then they all come at once. So thereRead More →

In these days of mobile phones and internet is there such a thing as too much communication? Under consideration at PumpjackPiddlewick

Is there such a thing as too much communication? In today’s world of internet, mobile phones, social media, WhatsApp/Face Time, and apps that connect this to that, should we accept being available 24/7? More importantly, is it unacceptable, even wrong these days to be incommunicado? Or, possibly even more important,Read More →

Learning French can be easy if you use cognates | Pumpjack & Piddlewick

When Pumpjack and I began learning French we quickly discovered that there were many words we already knew. Result! In fact there are many many words that are actually the same. Same spelling, same meaning, just different pronunciation. Yes, this is where you get to put on your best FrenchRead More →