Living in a restoration home means living amongst mess and mayhem at PumpjackPiddlewick

Living in a restoration home has its drawbacks, but also some surprising bonuses. Its definitely a world of pluses and minuses, with an ever moving end in sight. But then life is like that anyway. So maybe deadlines, although helpful, ought not to be the ultimate goal. Rather I haveContinue Reading

When restoring a house, heating is part of that work. I muse on restoration heating at PumpjackPiddlewick

What would be a restoration mini medieval manor without restoration heating? That means, really, well, there isn’t any. The house has 4 rooms, and 3 of them were heated by wood stoves. The flew openings (covered up) are still there. The wood burners long since gone. Wood stoves I loveContinue Reading

What is it like to maintain hygiene whilst living in and restoring a medieval house. We reveal at PumpjackPiddlewick

Today I want to talk to you about restoration hygiene. Particularly medieval style hygiene and how it applies to restoration work. Probably the number one question I get about living in a restoration house is ‘how do you wash’, or essentially stay clean. And especially as the nature of restorationContinue Reading

I bought a mini medieval manor here in France. A real doer upper. Come join in the fun.

What’s it like buying a home all your own in France? Well, grab a cup of tea (or wine), have a sit and let me tell you about my mini medieval manor. This past year was spent working hard on a hotel barge on the Burgundy Canal. From March untilContinue Reading

Join me in my happy space at PumpjackPiddlewick

I have been contemplating the concept of creating a happy space. Not an esoteric, froufrou atmosphere in my head, but an actual space. That creates happiness. Or, at least a sense of well being. A smile spot 🙂 You see, sitting, working at my desk yesterday, I realised happiness isContinue Reading