Les Nécessités

There are simply certain items I consider Necessary Nécessités. Items that no matter how many times we move, they always go with us. Our desert island items, if you like. Something we feel we can’t do without, whether linked to a favourite memory, or simply so darned useful.

In My Portmanteau - Les Necessites - Pashmina at PumpjackPiddlewick

My Pashmina travels with me everywhere. It is so versatile in its size and uses, and yet it packs so small. I can even fit it in my handbag, but most often you will find it around my shoulders. I use my pashmina a lot to keep me warm whenRead More →

Les Nécessités in my Portmanteau - The garden necessity at PumpjackPIddlewick

Our in My Portmanteau series reveals a collection of Les Nécessités, those necessary items that must go with us wherever we go, whether linked to memories, are ever so practical, or simply just so darned fun and frivolous it’s a jolly laugh to keep. We like to view them asRead More →

You are going to a Desert Island, what do you have to take with you? | Pumpjack Piddlewick

Probably because we have moved a lot (it’s a wine making thing), I got to thinking what items are particularly special to me, items I know will go with us in a move, items I couldn’t, wouldn’t be without. You know that, ‘you are allowed X items, what would youRead More →