Maggie pet duck (Page 9)

What’s it like to have a pet duck, and I mean a pet duck. Like a dog with feathers. A dog that can fly. But other wise rules the household, is always hungry, likes to cuddle up and has her own cushion that she doesn’t want any one else sleeping on. (That means you cat!)

I love and appreciate the differences between cultures. Prime example… When the English hear we have a pet duck the general response is ‘awwwww, how cute, adorable, what fun’, put in own adjective to demonstrate a lovely feeling. When the French realise we have a pet duck, after a quizzicalRead More →

A Story of Life Death and the Birth of Margaret Thatcher in the Duck World at PumpjackPiddlewick

This weekend, nay month, has been rather chaotic in our duck world.  We lost our Delilah to a fox (we think) a couple weeks ago, taken from her nest under a hedge in the garden. We moved the eggs left behind to Lucy’s nest in the duck house. Something’s WrongRead More →