Maggie pet duck

Maggie is our Pet Duck. What’s it like to have a pet duck? Like a dog with feathers. A dog that can fly. But other wise rules the household, is always hungry, likes to cuddle up and has her own cushion that she doesn’t want any one else sleeping on. (That means you cat!)

A soap opera duck drama at PumpjackPiddlewick

With the advent of spring always comes the inevitable duck drama. Hormones, testosterone, mating, nesting, and various predators coming out of hibernation. All combine to make you feel like you live in an overwrought soap opera at times. Yesterday dawned, literally, as normal. I got my coffee ready and tookRead More →

Dealing with Duck Difficulties at PumpjackPiddlewick

This morning when I let the ducks out I could see we had duck difficulties. As we enter spring and mating to brooding season our little flock start to pair off. Never, of course, in a simple or easy manner. Nope. Our 9 ducks, 5 males / 4 females, insteadRead More →

Duck sex season is here at PumpjackPiddlewick

Writing a letter to a friend on my newly positioned desk. Gazing out and watching the world walk by in between sentences written. When I hear the definite sounds of duck sex behind me. It sort of puts you off your creative flow. Turning around, I have to laugh asRead More →

duck language is possible to understand if you try to learn | PumpjackPiddlewick

Living in France means learning French. But it has also meant, as we have gained pet ducks whilst living here, learning duck language, too. Mallard ducks actually have a language of over 200 sounds they make. There are sounds for happy, content, flirtation and danger. There are even phrases. Interestingly,Read More →