Maggie pet duck

Maggie is our Pet Duck. What’s it like to have a pet duck? Like a dog with feathers. A dog that can fly. But other wise rules the household, is always hungry, likes to cuddle up and has her own cushion that she doesn’t want any one else sleeping on. (That means you cat!)

duck language is possible to understand if you try to learn | PumpjackPiddlewick

Living in France means learning French. But it has also meant, as we have gained pet ducks whilst living here, learning duck language, too. Mallard ducks actually have a language of over 200 sounds they make. There are sounds for happy, content, flirtation and danger. There are even phrases. Interestingly,Read More →

Margaret Thatcher aka Maggie enters our lives and begins her reign of duck world at PumpjackPiddlewick

This is the story of how Margaret Thatcher, aka Maggie, came into our lives. She has gone on to become the Queen of our duck world and rules it with an iron fist. Or is that wing? Or foot? Her story begins in spring of 2015… It started with losingRead More →

Let’s face it, having a pet duck is not common. And I get asked A LOT about how messy ducks are. Consequently I spend quite a bit of time talking about diapering a duck. Yes, there is such a thing as duck (and chicken) diapers. One of my favourite andRead More →

Are duck instincts nature or nurture or both at PumpjackPiddlewick

When is a duck not like a duck? When it is an imprinted duck. A duck that imprints on, say, a human loses some duck instincts. And the other ducks are quick to notice. We saw this first with Maggie. She was introduced to rabbits, that we were looking after,Read More →