Maggie pet duck

Maggie is our Pet Duck. What’s it like to have a pet duck? Like a dog with feathers. A dog that can fly. But other wise rules the household, is always hungry, likes to cuddle up and has her own cushion that she doesn’t want any one else sleeping on. (That means you cat!)

My pet duck loves a Duvet Day now and then at PumpjackPiddlewick

Ducks like people have days when they don’t want to do anything. When they wish to be lazy. A duck duvet day if you will. Now I am figuring that some of you may have chosen to read this article because you thought I turned my pet duck into aRead More →

Rainy Sunday puzzle making with Maggie at PumpjackPiddlewick

A quiet Sunday was spent enjoying putting together a puzzle at the kitchen table. It’s such a peaceful thing to do on a rainy day. And then I began to hear the sounds of Maggie. ‘Hup’ thud, ‘hup’ thud. She doesn’t like the rain. (Yeah, a duck, water, go figure.)Read More →

Puddles are for playing in at PumpjackPiddlewick

Nothing beats playing in puddles, especially for a duck. Strangely enough our Maggie doesn’t like the rain. In fact she will find all sorts of ways to get out of it. But give her a puddle, and she is like a pig in mud. This time of year we seeRead More →

Nap interrupted by a duck at Pumpjack Piddlewick

I had a lovely nap in the early heat of yesterday afternoon. It was so delicious I decided to enjoy a second one. Pure decadence. I was rousted from sleep by the not so subtle sounds of Maggie, my pet duck. As the windows were open, my sleepy brain didn’tRead More →