Life on Etsy (Page 2)

Life on Etsy has been great fun, taxing, unapproachable and all around wonderful. After taking the plunge to open a shop to sell off our vintage and antique family items we discovered that Etsy was more than just a platform to sell on, but a way to slowly grow a business.

How to find light in the darker hours of shortening days at PumpjackPiddlewick

Over the last week it has become very noticeable that the days are shortening. In the past I used to detest this lessening of daylight hours, but now I welcome it. It’s about learning to bring light in to darker hours. When I think of light, I think of twoRead More →

How to review positively and negatively at PumpjackPiddlewick

As an Etsy shop owner for many years (not one but three shops) reviews are part of the natural process. Customers like, or don’t, what they receive. Sometimes they converse direct to tell you they are happy. Sometimes they leave a negative review. There are some very definite do’s andRead More →

Exploring the vide grenier at PumpjackPiddlewick

Like many people, I love to visit garage sales (in USA), car boot sales (in UK) or flea markets. Here in France they are called a ‘vide grenier’. It literally translates as ’empty attic’. But what makes them different then the American or UK counterpart is that the whole townRead More →

icky weather enjoys a good clear up at PumpjackPiddlewick

This month has been an unduly cold month. Bonus though it was a good opportunity to have a good clean up and clear out inside. Especially the office. I had been meaning to tackle my inventory stock that has been hanging about. A no purchase until it is catalogued photographedRead More →