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With age comes…. we are enjoying our middle ages.

Chablis is a perfect example of Terroir. But what is terroir? Answers at PumpjackPiddlewick

I was walking through Chablis market this past Sunday and got to thinking how the wine from there is called ‘Chablis’ and not ‘Chardonnay’. You see, all the grapes growing around the town are Chardonnay. So, go figure. Elsewhere, for example, it would be, say ‘Californian Chardonnay’ or ‘Australian Chardonnay’.Read More →

In My Portmanteau - Les Necessites - Pashmina at PumpjackPiddlewick

My Pashmina travels with me everywhere. It is so versatile in its size and uses, and yet it packs so small. I can even fit it in my handbag, but most often you will find it around my shoulders. I use my pashmina a lot to keep me warm whenRead More →

Read a good book this weekend recommended by Vive le Livre Book Club at PumpjackPiddlewick

Ever heard of Biodynamics? Most of us are aware of Organic. Biodynamic goes beyond organic. It’s a whole culture in relation to wine. Biodynamic wine is grown and made following organic principles. Also lunar calenders, and a few other weird and wonderful ways that don’t really make sense. I meanRead More →