Gluten free vegetarian (Page 3)

There has been enough said about gluten free to bore any one to tears. You either eat wheat, or you don’t. Ditto on the veg. Just tell your host when you are invited, not after you arrive. It is so easy to eat gluten free or vegetarian. As a celiac and reformed vegetarian, not to mention ex-veg chef, I undertand the ins and outs of good food for those in need or desire.

I have discovered Lettuce Sandwiches. No, its not a sandwich made of lettuce (though personally I haven’t tried that yet, so one never knows.) Rather it is a sandwich that uses lettuce instead of bread. I came across this concept first when making a hamburger. Hamburger buns in France are,Read More →

Waste is something I strive to avoid. And right up there is Broccoli Stems. It is just one of those things that when you have cooked the rest of the broccoli, you look at and go… And?!?!?Read More →

When I was growing up, Thursday was leftovers night in our house, where my Mum would reheat everything we hadn’t finished that week. I remember it fondly as well as with a shudder. It was a real mix, a mish mosh of flavours, but we had to eat it all.Read More →