Ducks and chickens

Ducks and Chickens were a game changer for us. They taught us to get up early, to understand the quack language and that they all (especially chickens) like a good cuddle.

can you train a duck at PumpjackPiddlewick

Is it possible to train a duck? You know, like a dog. Or potentially, even a cat. The answer is – yes. And, no. Let me explain. We have pet ducks. Two of which, Maggie and Gabby, are imprinted on me, aka Piddlewick. One, Louis our white call duck, isRead More →

flocking with our pet duck at PumpjackPiddlewick

It is a natural instinct in a duck to flock. And by flocking, I mean wanting, nay needing, to be with others. To be part of a crowd. Safety in numbers and all that. And as ducks are essentially prey, the flock instinct is exceptionally strong. It’s one of thoseRead More →

Meet Gabby the duck teenager at PumpjackPiddlewick

It’s almost six weeks since Gabby was hatched and our duckling is growing like a weed. She has now, in human years, become a teenager. And is going through growing pains. As with most young teenagers, life is so very tiring. We often find Gabby sitting and simply watching theRead More →

I have been a duckling mother now for two weeks. And it may be my memory, but I am enjoying this so much more than the first time. Yes, there are differences, but experience is a very helpful thing. When Maggie was hatched everything was new, experiences and mistakes alike.Read More →