Ducks 101

Always wanted ducks, a pet duck, an imprinted duck but aren’t sure what’s involved? We hope we can help. We have had pet ducks for many years, including imprinted ducks and have learned a thing or two along the way. So we hope we can answer some of your questions in our Ducks 101.

How we take care of ducks in winter at PumpjackPiddlewick

Wild ducks in winter normally would fly south, or at least to slightly warmer climates. As our ducks are not wild but pets we have to offer an alternative. As soon as the temperatures look to dip below freezing here at night we move our ducks up into the stableRead More →

In contemplation of duck houses at PumpjackPiddlewick

Per my and the ducks morning routine, I am sat in Cafe du Canard, coffee to hand, as I write this. In fact it is the duck enclosure that is tickling my writing thoughts today. Or rather the concept of duck houses within the enclosure. A number of times overRead More →

What do ducks dream of at PumpjackPiddlewick

It’s a cold damp morning and I am sat in our duck enclosure, in Cafe du Canard, with a cup of coffee. BeepBeep (our blind duck) is in the little nearby pond, asleep. In watching her, I wonder do ducks dream? The other ducks are foraging outside the enclosure. OurRead More →

duck language is possible to understand if you try to learn | PumpjackPiddlewick

Living in France means learning French. But it has also meant, as we have gained pet ducks whilst living here, learning duck language, too. Mallard ducks actually have a language of over 200 sounds they make. There are sounds for happy, content, flirtation and danger. There are even phrases. Interestingly,Read More →