Chickens and ducks

Our feathered funny friends, they make us laugh with their antics, particularly when they run. They are extremely friendly and can also be quite moody. Currently we have a rooster, Mr Coq, aka the face of Pumpjack, Gertrude, our large grey chicken who loves her food, Goth, our regal and quiet black hen, and finally our little Piddlewick, our tiny brown chicken and the boss of the chickens. Then there are the ducks, children of Maggie, our pet duck. Sir Studly is our resident (and only, hence the name) male, Tequila, the leader of the pack when Maggie is not in residence, Sunrise, otherwise known as Sunny for disposition, and following or leading, depending how you look at it, there is BeepBeep. She is the smallest, the runt, but also the smartest and has wormed her way into our hearts and house. And as it is a busy garden, we also have an assortment of owls, blackbirds, wood doves, sparrows, finches…

Bath time for ducks is a playful time at PumpjackPiddlewick

I’m sat in the ducks’ enclosure laughing as I type this. It’s bath time and our ducks and young ducklings, now teenagers, are frolicking in the pond. The hose pipe is on and the flowing water is filling the pond to overflowing. Moving water creates such playfulness in ducks. TheyRead More →

Maggie pet duck's brood is broken at PumpjackPiddlewick

The brood is broken. And life is back to ‘normal’. Maggie (pet duck) had decided in her infinite hormonal wisdom to have a third nest this year. Not good. Besides not wishing to have more ducklings this year, not to mention Maggie being a terrible Mum, it was also puttingRead More →

A morning out of sorts at PumpjackPiddlewick

It all happens at once, sometimes. Made that mistake of falling back asleep this morning and awoke groggy and out of sorts at 7am to the ducks yelling ‘Oy!! Out now! We are not happy about this!’ Getting up, there were 3 cat faces staring at me saying ‘what timeRead More →

Teenage ducklings voice changes at Pumpjack Piddlewick

Did you know that like teenage boys, tweenie ducklings voices change too? At 5 weeks old their little peep peeps start to alter and we begin to be able to tell the boys from the girls. Boys change first, and their sound starts to become raspier, quieter (sort of). TheRead More →