Foraging for sloes on our dog walk at PumpjackPiddlewick

I discovered bushes and bushes (or are they trees?) of sloes the other day when I took our dogs, Chewie and Sanka, for a walk. Normally Pumpjack is the designated walker. It helps keep things routine orientated, our standard sized dachshund’s preferred method. Chewie likes walks at almost the exactContinue Reading

Summer night thunderstorms at PumpjackPiddlewick

Last night was a late night (11pm!), and one of those happy moments to treasure. It was hot, too hot. That hot summer night you get before a thunderstorm, with the odd quiet flash of lightening to punctuate the dark. The windows were flung open and at last the coolerContinue Reading

I’ll blame Gigi, my cat, for Maggie, my pet duck, learning to fly. Gigi and Maggie came into my household only weeks apart, both as babies, e.g. kitten and duckling. So they grew up together as siblings. And like sibling sisters, they loved and loathed each other. Testing her wingsContinue Reading

We have three very different cats at PumpjackPiddlewick. Not just in looks or colours but in personality too.

I talk about my ducks on this website a lot as you may have realised. Purely because they are so unusual as pets. Even after many years of having them I am entranced by unique aspects of them. So you may not know I also have 3 cats. Three veryContinue Reading

Baby its cold outside at PumpjackPiddlewick

I’m enjoying a cold snap. And I do say enjoying (sort of) as after all it is winter, and winter has connotations of cold. At least to me. I grew up in the northern hemisphere, in cold places. And its funny how that dictated where I have travelled. Having doneContinue Reading