Cats and dogs (Page 7)

The cast of characters amongst our cats and dogs are~ Gingembre (Ginger in English), or Gigi for short, is a cat with savoir faire. She has learned to catch mice and moles whilst leaving all the other critters alone. Well, maybe the odd pounce or two. She is mother to Lapsong Suchong, our grey tiger who has issues, and Noisette (hazelnut in French) our tortoiseshell, the little loner. Our dog Chewie is a standard sized dachshund. He is larger than a miniature, weighing in at over 17kg. Originally dachshunds were badger hunters, digging and going down their holes after them, hence the shorter legs, loose skin and long body. Chewie loves nothing better than wooing the ladies, or digging holes. Decisions, decisions. And last to join us is Sanka. She is a Bergeron Griffon cross. Long and gangly of limb she bounds through life with exuberance and pure joy. A truly happy soul.

The mindful act of walking with Chewie at PumpjackPiddlewick

Today is my last day walking with Chewie. And I will miss it. But before I sound too dramatic, today is also the day (or rather night) that Pumpjack returns home. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! Mr P had to leave very abruptly a couple weeks ago, to take careRead More →

A hising protector at PumpjackPiddlewick

Have you ever seen a goose hissing? They puff up their feathers, that long neck and head go down and their wings go up. And they make this hissing noise. It is quite fearsome. And so it should be as this is their protector mode. They are protecting their territories,Read More →

Buying a new home in France with Pumpjack Piddlewick

Pumpjack & Piddlewick have moved! Nope, not the website sort of move, but the physical, moving house, new home sort of move. Our Dream in coming to France has been focused on wine making (underway), setting up our own businesses (*details at bottom), improving our French (could be better, butRead More →

Plague dogs book review from PumpjackPiddlewick

This is an animal lovers must read, particularly for you dog lovers out there. Plague Dogs* is by the author of Watership Down. A little known book (in comparison) by Richard Adams, it is one to pull the heart strings. I can guarantee you will be rooting aloud as theRead More →