Cats and dogs

The cast of characters amongst our cats and dogs are~ Gingembre (Ginger in English), or Gigi for short, is a cat with savoir faire. She has learned to catch mice and moles whilst leaving all the other critters alone. Well, maybe the odd pounce or two. She is mother to Lapsong Suchong, our grey tiger who has issues, and Noisette (hazelnut in French) our tortoiseshell, the little loner. Our dog Chewie is a standard sized dachshund. He is larger than a miniature, weighing in at over 17kg. Originally dachshunds were badger hunters, digging and going down their holes after them, hence the shorter legs, loose skin and long body. Chewie loves nothing better than wooing the ladies, or digging holes. Decisions, decisions. And last to join us is Sanka. She is a Bergeron Griffon cross. Long and gangly of limb she bounds through life with exuberance and pure joy. A truly happy soul.

Living in a restoration home at PumpjackPiddlewick

Living in a restoration home has its drawbacks, but also some surprising bonuses. Its definitely a world of pluses and minuses, with an ever moving end in sight. But then life is like that anyway. So maybe deadlines, although helpful, ought not to be the ultimate goal. The home weRead More →

Walking the dogs opens up a whole new world of sights at PumpjackPiddlewick.

With Pumpjack away visiting his family, my daily routine had to change. The biggest change came with walking the dogs. Chewie, our standard sized dachshund, wants walking at least three times a day. More if he can sway with his pity me puppy dog look. And we added Sanka inRead More →

Life with our cat Lappy at PumpjackPiddlewick

It’s a Lappy morning. A first and so therefore a milestone. Lappy, or Lapsong Suchong, is our tiger cat and our ‘middle’ cat. And like many a middle child, she has her issues. Early mornings for me are normally my get work done times. A time before the world ofRead More →

The reality behind taking care of a plethora of pets at PumpjackPiddlewick

We have a number of animals. Pets, really. And I often get asked ‘what is it like having a menagerie?’ Which I take to mean… What have you learned from having a variety, and especially, a lot of pets? What is it like to have a menagerie? Well, for one,Read More →