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A Bon Livre, or good book, takes you away from it all, introduces you to new places or cultures, makes you cry, makes you laugh out loud, or simply lets you enjoy. Time should be taken to read a good book now and then.

We review books that cross our path for our Vive le Livre Book Club – mostly about France, sometimes wine. And the odd animal sneaks in now and then. (Fiction and Non-fiction Book Reviews)

French Dirt explores living in rural France - a book review by PumpjackPiddlewick

I read ‘French Dirt – The story of a garden in the south of France‘*, by Richard Goodman, in the month of August. The same time as the culmination of the story. Sitting in my French garden, hence the inspiration to read, I enjoyed the stories surrounding the inhabitants ofRead More →

French for Cats language learning for your feline book review at PumpjackPiddlewick

It had to be. You move to France, you’re learning French and you get a cat, so it would be required for someone to give you a little book called French for Cats*. Like I said, it had to be. After all, your cat has to learn to understand FrenchRead More →

Loaded for Guccifer political nonfiction book review at PumpjackPiddlewick

This is a book review of ‘Loaded for Guccifer2.0’, written by our very own Pumpjack. Reviewed by Piddlewick, so slightly biased (in that I hope you will purchase and read it), but very definitely honest in what I think of it. Generally our Vive le Livre book club has aRead More →

Book review of the Second Worst Restaurant in France by PumpjackPiddlewick

In my search for books on or based in France, I was curiously surprised to find a book by Alexander McCall Smith. He of the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency fame. But the title intrigued me, The Second Worst Restaurant in France*. I have read some of McCall Smith’s detective agencyRead More →