Sunday dreams and water plans for our duck enclosure at PumpjackPiddlewick

Sunday is our day for dreams. Grand plans are suggested, googled, YouTubed, discussed exaggerated. Our restoration home or garden is generally the focus, with whatever latest scheme we have dreamed up for it, or sometimes we revisit a previous idea.

This Sunday’s (revisited) dreams were about building a stream, and maybe pond, in our garden. The stream keeps moving around in location, as it is want to do in nature. It usually starts in the duck enclosure, as ultimately that is who we want it for. But often it shifts to our upper garden, maybe becoming part of the water run off from the roof. Or, it may incorporate plans for our newly discovered lavoir to become a pond.

Our dreams are often on an elaborate scale, and this Sunday’s ideas were particularly fun ones. We hashed out using springs that may or may not exist in our garden. How could we harness them? What if we could find one at the top of the garden so it wouldn’t require a pump? If we could find a spring, or a strong enough solar pump, could we run a stream through the enclosure wall? It could then be a sort of water fall that would go on to water veg garden and end up in the lavoir.

Sunday dreams have no limits on imagination. The more ingenious the better. After all you never quite know what may be possible until you explore, and try. May your dreams, like ours, keep flowing. (…Get it? Flowing?)

Check out our (slow) garden restoration at PumpjackPiddlewick on Flickr. And if you have ideas, suggestions, and any experience with water features, please do tell us. We will happily add them into our discussions (or dreams).



  1. My “ex” simply put a pump in the well and recycled the water onto the rock waterfall. Of course when the water level goes down we can’t leave it on for long, but the chickens come running when they hear the slush of water over the rocks and I can set my potted plants in it for a good watering. Only cost, the electricity to run the pump.

    1. Thanks Barbara. A pump is a great idea. We have been looking at our pechoir as a potential water source. It is at the bottom of our sloping down garden, so trying to work out how powerful a pump would be needed to bring the water up to the top of the garden (where the duck enclosure is). Would prefer solar power instead of electricity (as you say, cost), but haven’t yet found out if a solar powered pump would be powerful enough. It would be ideal though as the ducks like to play in running water when it is sunny. They are not so bothered when it is raining or cloudy.

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