summer in the vineyard at Pumpjack Piddlewick

The vines are all tucked in and ready to bask like a tanning guru on a beach towel in the summer sun. Job done. (Hoooo-Ray!!) The next couple months the currently tiny grapes will grow and grow (hopefully) and by September reach their fruition here. The hot sun of the day will aid in their growth but also their ripening. Their sweetness will depend on the sun. Lots of sun brings on the flavours and sugars in the fruit, not so much sun means less. Viticulturists (like botanists, but specific to vineyards) will hope for long sunny days now, and little to no rain until harvest. Particularly the closer we get to harvest.

It will be interesting to see if this summer is going to cooperate. Such are the vagaries of wine making. This week we are having an early heat wave and temperatures are expected to reach 39 degrees (102 F) late Thursday afternoon. After which, we are to return to normal and comfortable summer temperatures. Thunder storms are threatened as the weather shows off with little tantrums of not wishing to settle into the expected. My garden will love it, if not the sun worshipping grapes.

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