How I am spending Christmas alone at PumpjackPiddlewick

This year I am spending Christmas alone. I have horrified friends and given concern to family. But I myself am actually looking forward to it.

Sometimes needs must, and this is one of those times. Pumpjack’s mother celebrates her 90th birthday this year. It also happens to be close to Christmas. Given the distance for many of the family to travel, including Mr P, it made sense that the family stay and celebrate both.

I chose not to attend more out of necessity, but not unwillingly. Our menagerie are always in need of looking after. It’s a daily necessity. This means holidays away for Mr P and I together are rare. It requires a houses / animal sitter. We’ve managed in the past but with the current situation in the world, it has not been a viable option.

So I chose to stay home, which meant spending Christmas alone. It will be the first time I have ever been alone at Christmas. But like my choice to stay, I am also choosing to enjoy it. How one deals with a situation is always a choice, embrace and make the best of it. Or not. I prefer to embrace.

There is a general consensus amongst many that Christmas should not be spent alone. And I know a number who always open their home each year to those who would be. But, I am curious to experience this holiday by myself, for myself.

With determined air, I have approached the approaching holiday with a sense of enjoyment. First on my agenda was to decide what my Christmas meal should be. Behind that is it has to be something super easy, super tasty, with no fuss to fix. Cooking for yourself should never be a chore, or you won’t want to do it.

A bottle of Cremant has been chosen to give a sense of celebration. And maybe an addtional little treat. But otherwise the plan is to celebrate quietly. And take pleasure out of the days moments. Walking the dogs, playing with the ducks, cuddling with the cats. It is after all because of them that I have chosen to spend Christmas alone. Except, I am really not alone.



  1. Hi Alycea,
    I’ve ended up accepting to spend Christmas Day at our close friends’. There will be four of us, since his sister, whom I adore and haven’t seen in many long years, will be there. I had already bought three turkey legs and chestnuts, but I do adore their company and finally gave in. Everyone has been vaccinated three times plus the flu shot, which doesn’t mean that we’re still not running a risk, but then each time we go to the supermarket, open our door to the firemen coming with their annuel calendar or speak with the neighbours over the fence, it’s also the case.

    The pandemic seems to be “useful” for bringing details of life somehow into focus. Borders are no longer limited to race, skin colour, religion or culture. The virus invites itself wherever it feels welcome and encouraged to survive. Though still teaching to over a dozen students through distance learning – students from Belgium to Bordaux, I’ve come to realize that friends are also acquaintances made through quiet moments immersed in reading and our three cats, a cock and a dozen chickens, plus all of the insatiable bird life gathered around the sunflower packed feeders adds tons of joy to the cold and grey weather.

    I’ll be using a Christmas pause to catch up on pastels promised to friends and something I really have missed as preparing lessons has taken up so many hours. I remember that you’re into crafts, so don’t doubt that you will also continue to enjoy your creative moments, knowing that your aging mother-in-law will especially sharing this special moment will her son.

    I haven’t spent Christmas with our children for many long years, but have always felt that what really mattered was their daily happiness and not an exchange of eating a meal once a year. I also know from personal experience that being “separated” is as much an illusion as the way our brains interpret “reality” out of what really is the physical world that surrounds us without and within.

    Happiest of end of one and beginning of a new year to you and to yours.
    Take care and hugs to Maggie and Chewy,

    1. Hello Barbara, I am glad you are able to spend it with friends. I am certainly looking forward to crafting. I have another ragrug on the go – using up old socks (works a treat!). This one is to be oval and large, like one used to see in homes in America. It was to be for our living room, but now am tempted to keep it in the office. May just have to make two. Good thing we have a lot of socks to use up 🙂
      Wishing you and yours a truly happy New Year.
      Alycea / Piddlewick

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