Everyone should have their own Sock Fairy says PumpjackPiddlewick

The Sock Fairy is obviously in cahoots with Santa. Today we received not simply one pair of socks, but three! Each!

For those of you not familiar with the Sock Fairy, he/she/it delivers socks each month. Or more, or less, frequently depending on inclination and need. The Sock Fairy also has a proclivity to the weird and wonderful when it comes to style, or colour. Bright pink is a particular favourite.

Curiously enough, but maybe not so surprising, Santa knew that Pumpjack’s eccentricities extends to mismatched socks. Mr P. prefers to wear odd socks, preferably as different as possible from each other in pattern or colour. His new socks came already mismatched. Which just goes to show that Santa knows all.

Pumpjack is a great expounder of the mismatched socks, saying not only is it easier to start the morning, but also it helps with mental health. Yes, well. Maybe? After all, if there is not much light or you are only half awake, you can simply put on any sock. If you aren’t going for the matching affect, then you can simply grab and go, without even looking.

And then there are those pesky missing socks. You know the ones that went in the washing machine or dryer and then made a run for it? With the mismatching method, there is no worries any more about where that sock went. In fact, you can happily wish them well on their new adventures. Wherever it takes them.

And for those that hang around, well into their dotage, we applaud them. And then reuse them as stuffing or cut up into strips for adding to a rag rug. There is something very satisfying about putting your feet down onto a bed side rug, looking down and being gently reminded by colour or pattern of those socks that gave up their lives to continue to keep the chill off our feet.

So we begin Christmas day, warm and prepared, thanks to our Sock Fairy. And we truly wish and hope you have your own Sock Fairy looking after you too. (And if not, there is always a sock subscription. A heck of a present, to our minds, if you don’t have your own Sock Fairy.)

And as it is the season of giving, and we are grateful for our received socks, did you know that Socks are the most needed item for the homeless? And the least donated. Spare a sock or two this Christmas day and consider donating new or unloved socks to a nearby shelter, clothing donation bank or buying from an online charity.

Wishing everyone a Merry Holiday Season from Pumpjack & Piddlewick


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