Simplifying the overwhelming is how we tackle our To Do list here at PumpjackPiddlewick

This past year has been tough here at Pumpjack & Piddlewick. As I am sure it has been for many of you. It has been easy to be overwhelmed. Surprisingly, at least to me, learning to simplify the overwhelming has really helped.

Now what the heck does that mean? Well, for those of you who follow our life here on P&P you know we like slow living and a simple life. And it is this latter that has truly been helpful.

Simple living is just that. It can take on many forms. Maybe it means minimalism, or simply less clutter in your life. It could be making work and life balance a bit better. Even simplifying foods down to basic (simple) ingredients. Or all of the above. And more. (Since we are talking simple, we’ll leave ‘and more’ to your preferences.)

To simplify the overwhelming, I really discovered focusing on the now. Which ultimately means~ what can I do in this minute? And always, always only doing one thing. That was truly the simplify part.

The funny thing was, when I was feeling truly overwhelmed, it became much easier to focus on the simple. Sometimes it was a mundane task. Other times it was one achievement I could do right then. The brain rested easier when given simple tasks.

No listings of things that needed doing. No planning. Simply picking in my mind one ‘To Do’ to do. It could be a need to do, or a want to do. It was always only one thing. Once accomplished, I then chose the next thing. And slowly the sense of overwhelming resided.

And now that our life appears to be heading back to some resemblance of normal, I make sure to still continue to practice simplifying. It’s no longer a need to simplify the overwhelming. Yet, as life often throws us curve balls, at least I am better prepared should it do.

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