How having a busted computer simplified my life at PumpjackPiddlewick

At the beginning of last summer an ant got into my laptop. The next thing I knew I did not have use of the A C F N and X keys. Not to mention a few numbers and symbols. Life on a busted computer ground to a snails pace. Emails became almost twitter posts in their shortness. Writing blog posts became a dream for the future. I have to say, it simplified my life.

I discovered ‘Time’

It started to dawn on me, as I spent less time on my computer (honestly way too much hassle), that I suddenly had more time. A lot, lot more time.

Whereas before I was pushing to get new items on to our Etsy shop, write up to 2 blog posts a week, including designing header and promotional artwork, and promote my way through social media. Suddenly… I couldn’t. Well, at least not without having my backside go numb with time spent sitting and trying to type.

Prioritising my time

Not having a fully functioning computer made me refocus my energies and reconsider my priorities. I had more time to spend with my love and our animals, as well as to garden, to walk, and, possibly most importantly, to think.

I realised in pursuing my entrepreneurial dream, I had been spreading myself to thin, trying to cover too many avenues, rather than focusing my energies where they (hopefully) counted. My work life balance was a tad askew.

Making Do

Pumpjack, he who is rather geeky, set up an ‘onboard keyboard’, one I could see on screen and use my mouse to click on the letters I needed. It was rather like typing with one finger, only slower. So I learned to type, pause, add in the letter missing with my onscreen keyboard and then carry on. Yawn, but the odd email got out.

I decided not to buy a new computer, not for awhile anyway, and make do. Albeit slowly. I was curious to see how life would be.

Zen and Fate get Married

Then at the end of August I was offered a not wanted computer, one that worked in all its glory. Obviously fate was deciding it was time I started blogging and working more online again. And, in my head and heart the timing felt right. I had had a lovely long holiday from the online community, one that recharged my imagination, took away the stress of self-imposed deadlines and generally made me happier.

Now as time continually marches on, or maybe it’s the shorter days meaning I am inside more, I find that balance slipping again. But awareness is more prevalent now, and already I am planning more time away from my computer. Or maybe it’s time to take my laptop out into the garden and find another ant?

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