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We invite you to come in, browse and shop from France with us.

We are both great antique and vintage aficionados. For Pumpjack it is the quality of the craftsmanship, for Piddlewick it is the attention to detail and sometimes sheer quirkiness that appeals. Together we keep our eyes open for those special finds as we scour markets, vide greniers, boutiques and online to bring together a wonderful collection of items from France. And, we will admit, the key is ‘from’ as not all our items are French. Sometimes they were just too fab to not make it into our shop.

We love to research the items we find to discover their use (particularly if not very obvious) and their stories. You’ll find our write ups on some of these in our Shop from France blog sections: It’s very French (posts about French specific findings), Niche & Novelties (posts about specific niche areas such as eyeglasses or umbrellas), and our Especially Made For…, where we blog about items and areas for those special days (like Valentines) or people (fathers day, mothers day).

And of course you can see our items for yourself in our shop, Pumpjack & Piddlewick, on Etsy. Stock changes almost daily, so we hope you will visit often. Here’s a simple taste of what we offer in general in our shop. Just click on the image to find that specific item or a range of choice for that area.

Why Etsy? We like their ethos as a window to artists, crafters and independent businesses, like us. We shop there ourselves, as we know we will find unique, quality gifts, particularly for some hard to buy for relatives. And we are great believers in quality, so if it can be found in one place, whether old or new, that’s where we want to be.

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In Review

We do not solicit reviews, so each testimonial we receive is a real bonus. We include a taste below, where people have left a comment.

We buy with a view that we would like to keep the items ourselves, so we hope anyone who buys something from us likes it as much as we do. Not all items are perfect, they are vintage and antique after all, so have been loved by someone else previously. We state honestly with each item what is wrong, if there is something, from a chip to a tiny snag. We also say if it is in excellent condition, like new, in case that is important. Our shop policies , e.g. shipping, returns, and types of payment are clearly stated in our shop if needed.

In fact, we probably give too much information on each item we sell, but as each item is unique and special, we feel our customers deserve the time and research that goes into the details given about a potential gift.