Remembrance Day in our village at Pumpjack Piddlewick

I had a lovely sunny and bordering on warm Remembrance Day yesterday here in France. I wandered up to the war memorial in our town, along with a lot of other locals.

At 10am, my village held a poignant memorial service. There were speeches by the mayor and other noted people of the village. The volunteer fire department were on show in all their regalia.

We even had a 10 piece marching band that played at various intervals during the ceremony. At the conclusion of this Remembrance Day gathering, the band played a hauntingly beautiful Amazing Grace.

After all was said and done, it was back to the Mairie (town hall) and a glass of bubbly in our central plaza before dispersing.

Maximising the warmth of sitting in the sunshine, I took my laptop outside and worked on photos of items for my shop.

I quite simply adore doing my ‘office’ work outside, sat amongst the ducks, enjoying their chatter. No connection to internet, so I can stay focused on what needs doing.

All too soon the warmth of the sun began to cool and I had to shift my work back inside. Still it was a day to live in my memory.

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