Winter is the time to prepare the garden. Time to get it ready for spring and planting things. This winter has dragged itself out mightily, giving me teasing glimpses now and then of spring to come. The odd dash of sunshine. The hint of warmth in the day. Raising hopes up only to find the next day dawn cold.

Slowly Emerging

I can only tell spring is actually on its way by the hardy flowers that have been making themselves known slowly. One by one, they show their bright and sunny, generally yellow though sometimes purple, faces.

Everything is definitely slower to emerge this year. I am using this as a basis to time my work in the veg garden. Maybe it is a sign not to be too hasty in planting anything there just yet. (Though I really feel the temptation, especially when the sun is shining.)

Plenty to Do

In the meantime, I have had plenty of time to get it ready for spring. Wattling fences have been repaired and new ones added. I just adore how the weaving of branches looks. This year the asparagus bed was given its fence. I suspect, given time, the whole garden may eventually be wattled. (Is that even a word?)

Raised beds have been cleared of old plants and weeds. Berry bushes have been pruned and generally everything given a spruce up. Strawberry plants have been trimmed of dead leaves and runners. Compost is slowly being added to the garden beds. New soil will be added over this next week.

Seeds are at the ready. Seedlings are making themselves known in my window greenhouse (read – large windowsill in the house). And my vegetable garden planner has been checked and a plan formulated for what needs planting and when.

Now we just need spring. Honestly, I am really ready for spring.

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