Quiet time in the PumpjackPiddlewick household

It’s that quiet time just before dawn that is a true favourite. When the sky lightens infinitesimally, before suddenly it is morning.

With autumn on its way and of course the days getting shorter, my quiet time is getting later and later. What seems to have been a consistent early waking up time, now seems so late in comparison. And, yes, I know, will only get later as we near winter.

My thoughts are already turning to what to do with all that extra night. Our shop is getting ready for Christmas (yup, already) so the days will be full and seem fuller for being squeezed either side by encroaching darkness.

But the darkness brings with it its own form of quiet time and a chance to finally find time for other projects. Homey projects. I am starting to can our garden produce, and the additional abundance our neighbours are giving us. There will be the chance to sit down to knitting, mending, card making, letter writing, reading, oh, so much reading, and whatever else my heart or imagination turns me to.

My continuing project for this autumn is a large rag rug for our living room. I have been stockpiling old worn out clothes and particularly holey socks at the ready since last winter ended. This has been on my bucket list for awhile, but will hopefully get done this year. It is a perfect project for colder weather as we have old linoleum floors in our restoration home that could do with warming up. (Some day to be gorgeous wooden floors, on which the rag rug will not only be functional but also beautiful.)

I am so looking forward to doing this!

Quiet time is truly a favourite thing and my reason for looking forward to darker days.

PS. If you wish to know how to re-purpose old socks… You cut them like you would peel an orange, with the idea of creating one long peel. I start at the top, cutting diagonal across the elastic section and then continue cutting in a spiral downward. I keep the width at about an inch / 2 cm wide.


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