Contemplating a quiet Christmas alone at PumpjackPiddlewick

This Christmas is going to be a quiet Christmas. For many of us. Possibly most of us. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

I will be spending my first ever Christmas alone. Due to necessity, Pumpjack will be in the UK during Christmas. And due to the current lockdown here in France, finding animal sitters and the complications of travel at this time, it is easier all around if I stay home.

At the time of realising mine would be a very quiet Christmas I had a moments pity party. And then got on with my planning. Or rather not planning. For in thinking about it, I realised that there is some beauty to be had in no plans.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I adore the old traditions had with my family growing up, and new traditions Mr P and I have made together over the years. And that is what makes Christmas so special to many is the traditions. There is something very solid feeling in routine and understood expectations.

And that is what will make this holiday season difficult for so many. In a time of uncertainty, newness and difficulty the routines and expectations we look forward to, simply may not be there this year.

In preference of choosing happiness over wallowing I decided to have a think. And in considering, I took the time to sit in our Cafe du Canard and think about what would make me feel happy this Christmas.

The winter sun is peaking over the trees. It’s bath day, which means the ducks are super super happy and playful. I have my little insulated cafetiere of coffee. And per usual of late, Beepbeep is hanging out with me in this quiet moment.

And in the quiet of the moment has come the clarity that a day spent with no expectations would be a lovely day. A normal day here has the animals requirements. Always. But also the day to day needs of the house, the people in it. Our businesses and general admin. And in France there is always admin.

A day spent with no thought towards any of this (except the animals of course) would be bliss. A chance to really re-charge the minds batteries. And a chance to simply see what the day brings.

Walking Chewie, a few times, will get me out and about in some fresh air and seeing the village again. Mr P normally walks Chewie, though I join in now and then. It has been awhile since I was sole dog walker, and it will be fun to revisit the village and see some people I may not have seen for a very long time. Dog walking has always opened up doors of conversation, even in lockdown.

Our Chewie is a fair weather dog. So if it is very cold or raining I know I won’t have to venture out far, or even at all, if Chewie has his way. If it is a lovely day, we will take the opportunity to have a good wander.

The ducks will have their play time, per usual. And again weather will dictate spending time, or not, in Cafe du Canard. Whether I will write a letter, read a book or simply enjoy watching the antics of the ducks (and odd cat) will be left up to the moment.

Who knows, maybe I will enjoy my quiet Christmas so much I will extend it for a few days.


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