Rainy Sunday puzzle making with Maggie at PumpjackPiddlewick

A quiet Sunday was spent enjoying putting together a puzzle at the kitchen table. It’s such a peaceful thing to do on a rainy day. And then I began to hear the sounds of Maggie. ‘Hup’ thud, ‘hup’ thud.

She doesn’t like the rain. (Yeah, a duck, water, go figure.) She had decided inside was better than outside and was climbing our stairs. She made her usual little announcement of a happy chirrup when she reached the top.

It was fun to let my ears follow Maggie as I sorted my puzzle pieces. She took the time to have a little wander about, to make sure all was well in her domain. I listened to the pitter pat of webbed feet walking, sometimes running, here and there. It’s a sound I could never grow tired of. It always makes me smile.

My concentration was interrupted by Maggie calling down the stairs. Loudly. I can see the top of the stairs from our kitchen table and could see her peering down, looking for George. He is not so keen to come upstairs as Maggie. He prefers outside. Once he makes his mind up though, he hops up quickly, but then he is a younger man.

They come to join me in the kitchen, taking time to see what I am up to, having a drink of water and then deciding ‘adults are boring’ and wandering back out. (I guess puzzles are not Maggie’s thing.)

Eyes down again, my progress is slow as find my attention diverted between searching for pieces and listening to what my little characters are up to. If I look up, I can see down the hall, past the door to the stairs and into our lounge. Various strange sounds can be heard from there. And then all is quiet.

A few more pieces found and fitted and my curiosity gets the better of me. Sneaking down the hall, I peer around the door to find Maggie asleep on the sofa and George sitting underneath her.

Maggie has always had a thing for comfy cushions. Like the cats, she has her favourite spots. She hops up there, does a couple turns to find the best spot, plumps the cushion a little with her feet and then settles down.

Shhhh. Quiet time resumes, so it’s back to my puzzle.

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  1. Love tales of Maggie and George !!! What a delightful life you have. Hugs Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah!
      They are truly a hoot (or should that be a quack?). At the moment we are having lots of rain and Maggie certainly does not like rain. Except to keep interrupting me to say we have to go look for worms. Best thing to do in rainy weather, I gather. 😀

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