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Nothing beats playing in puddles, especially for a duck. Strangely enough our Maggie didn’t like the rain. In fact she would find all sorts of ways to get out of it. But give her a puddle, and she was like a pig in mud.

This time of year we see the tendrils of autumn starting to make themselves known in cooler temperatures at night, shorter days and definitely a return of rain. As the water table rises, so do the puddles collect.

Our courtyard is cobbled, but has been covered by gravel. We are slowly removing the gravel and uncovering the old cobbles. And as they are old, they are wonderfully wonky. Lots of use over the past centuries has created the odd perfect puddle pocket.

There is one particular dip near the back door. A stone that has a hollowed out section into a nice shallow bowl. In the evenings dusk it has now become a favourite duck playground. They stand in this puddle, bathe in it, and yes, they actually stomp their little webbed feet in it, splashing about.

If we are lucky enough to find puddles in the dirt then there is the treat of the happy dance. This involves lots of quick stomping. It looks almost like a tantrum. That alone makes me smile. But seeing their little webbed feet tap dancing (for worms) just makes me laugh out loud.

Yes, there can be happy moments in the rain.

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