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A really good read (Bon Livre) for animal lovers – Plague Dogs

Plague Dogs by Richard Adams recommended by Vive le Livre Book Club at PumpjackPiddlewickAn animal lovers must read, particularly for you dog lovers out there. By the author of Watership Down, this little known book (in comparison) by Richard Adams, is one to pull the heart strings. I can guarantee you will be rooting aloud as the book gains momentum and suspense.

Plague Dogs

The book follows two dogs, one a pet that finds himself wrongly captured and put in a research laboratory and one a crazy character who becomes his sidekick as they make their escape. Mayhem and suspense ensues as rumours abound of plague surrounding the dogs (hence the title). Their escapades are nail biting, tearful and heart warming as they learn to survive on their wits and ultimately search for their lost homes.

In Support of Animals

Not unlike Watership Down, Richard Adams was ahead of his time in his support and affection for animals. The story focuses on the dogs adventures, but underneath lies the fundamentals of animal testing, written long before the subject became widespread knowledge.

A Little Note of Warning

Plague Dogs starts off quite tearfully sad and will make you mad, but hope and love leap to the fore and it is well worth continuing. The beginning only makes you root for the heroes, and all dogs out there, all the more.

If you are a dog lover, or any animal lover, this is truly a must read for you. Snitter and Rowf will make you laugh, make you think and most of all, you will take them to your heart. It is a keeper of a book, one you could read time and time again.

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