The Art of Taking Photographs at Pumpjack Piddlewick

Another week has flown by with lots of new listings done for my shops. It was a cold, but not foggy or rainy day yesterday so took advantage to take some photographs for my FrenchSilkScarf shop. I went on a buying trip last weekend and bought over 50 scarves! (and a few for Pumpjack & Piddlewick) I have spent the week washing and ironing and waiting for a day to take some pictures.

The scene is set, no direct sunlight, good ambient light, a rainbow of silk at the ready and a new pack of batteries for the camera. And then… The (cheap) batteries I had bought gave me 3, maybe 4 shots before dying!

Yeah, okay, maybe it was rather freezing, and batteries don’t last as long in cold temps. I ended up sticking them in my bra (and other places) trying to warm them up and give them more life. Such is the romantic life of product photography.

After about an hour of manually unsticking my lens shutter (it has a tendency to stick closed) each time I turned the camera on and digging out, switching and swapping a pack of 8 batteries later, I managed to photograph 4 silk scarves for FSS and 4 (Christmas and weird) for P&P. Then I gave it up. Simply too frustrating. And too cold.

Lesson learned, don’t buy really cheap batteries. And… think about getting a new camera. Mine is from the almost pre-digital age. It’s my plan for the January sales.

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