Pet Ducks Plus

We live and work surrounded by a profusion of pets. Our pack started with Maggie, an accidental pet duck who was the first pet to become part of our family. Imprinted on Piddlewick, she didn’t know she was a duck, so life with her was always an uncharted and rather chaotic adventure.

Maggie became mother to many of our other ducks, including; George, her bodyguard, who never left her side until Maggie left us. Sir Studly, a true gentleman, and Beepbeep, our littlest but with the loudest voice, and now blind. Then there is Louis, a little white call duck that joined our family and who adores cuddles and dried mealy worms. The Zoomies, our two girl call ducks, Macey and Niege, whose curiosity knows no bounds. And last but not least is Gabby, a piebald mix of white and mallard, son of and abandoned by Maggie as too weak. He grew up in the house, and is another imprinted duck.

Read and understand more about ducks in our Ducks 101. Or for simply fun and funny tales, have a gander at Maggie’s Duck Tails.

Fur Preferred

On the fur side, Chewie is our standard sized dachschund, and puts up with a lot! He has been joined by a very boisterous young girl called Sanka, a griffon/bergeron cross who is all legs.
Our cats are ~ Gingembre or Gigi for short (no surprises she is our ginger cat), who doesn’t like sharing. She is mother to Lapsong Suchong or Lappy (a grey tiger), our shy but playful girl, and Noisette (a tortoiseshell), who lives in a rosy world of her own making. (Here’s how our menagerie started.)

We’ve also looked after Chickens and Rabbits in years past. You may come across them as well in our animal antics archives. And chickens are definitely on the agenda for the future.

A Gift for a Tale

Our Pet Posts are categorized somewhat, just to give some minor order to the chaos of living with this bunch. Maggie’s fan club will find her antics in Maggie, the Pet Duck. For general duck tails, there are our Duck Antics. Our other pets can be found in Cats and Dogs. Whilst the variety of animals (mostly birds) that join in our life can be read about in our Birds of a Feather posts.

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You never know what you may find, but if our ducks have any say, it would be all duck items. So for their sake, you can browse our various duck items below. We offer vintage and new duck related gifts in our shops.