Parisian Legacy is a tale of decades in France and England - a book review for the Vivre le Livre Book Club

I think I came across this book on Twitter. One of those it randomly pops up in your feed, so its hit or miss if you spot it, let alone pay any attention to it. But because I am always on the search for books set in France, *The Parisian Legacy by Rosalie James did catch my eye. And I read a snippet, clicked, and bought.


The book focuses on a main character, Alice, whose life in France is anything but easy. Yet her artistic bohemian soul lets her wring out and taste every aspect of life. Counterfoil to her is Juniper, a pampered well to do English girl who sours as the book develops.

The book jumps around in time, crossing decades, but through it the thread of the encounters and eventual friendship between Alice and Juniper bind it. We follow them, their friends and family as their individual, yet entwined stories unfold.

Parisian Legacy is…

Parisian Legacy is Rosalie’s first book. And that in itself is impressive. Very well written, it reads easily. It’s not a gripping novel, but it never set out to be. Rather she showcases the differences in culture, upbringing, personalities and ultimately what each of the characters does with what they are given.

I honestly was not sure I was going to like this book. More because it is not a typical genre I would choose to read. (But then that is the fun of book clubs, it introduces you to books you might never pick up.) Yet, as the book progresses I was drawn more and more into the characters and how their pasts shaped their futures.

The writing style helped in that you were introduced to an aspect of the story only to change just as you were sliding into it. This kept me hungry for more in what is a quiet almost gentle read. A book you want to curl up with on the sofa with a cup of tea. But could also put down when life calls you away, knowing that it awaits you coming back to enfold you in it once more.

A Recommended Read

A recommended read for the francophile, particularly those who enjoy cross culture differences and dynamics. And for those who enjoy depth, perception and quiet novels of character.

And interestingly, there is to be a follow on book ‘Windsong’ (Spring 2023) in which some of the characters will return. This one crosses the cultures of the US and France. Based on Parisian Legacy, I know I for one will be reading it.

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